Yum Multivits 6 in 1 for Adult Dogs by Lintbells (previously Yucare Multivits for adult dogs) provide your adult dog with chewy goodness for everyday wellness.

Yum Mega Multivits directly target specific areas of the body with a powerful blend of natural ingredients - these include Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins C & E, B Vitamins, Zinc, and MOS and FOS prebiotics.

These delicious vitamins are also enriched with DHA and Beta-glucans – together they work hard to promote a pup that's happy and healthy, from nose to tail! All this in a chewy bite your dog will love.

Multivits can be taken alongside any other Yumove product. In fact, they’re a great addition to promote everyday wellbeing. They can be taken directly from your hand or added to your dog’s food. You can choose to give the recommended amount in one go or spread it throughout the day.

Each pack contains 30 chews.

SKU: 815081
Yum Mega Multivits for Adult Dogs 30 Pack **EXPIRY 03/24**