The antibacterial properties of Colloidal Silver mean that your cleaning cloth is almost self-cleaning. As long as you give it a good rinse to remove debris then let it dry after each use, the silver destroys bacteria and fungi so it’s soon ready for action again.

You can use the cloth again and again, but make sure it’s in top form to destroy all those bacteria by replacing every 4-6 weeks.

How is the YuCare Ear & Eye Cloth unique?

The special antibacterial silver found in Collodial Silver in the YuCare Ear & Eye Cloth destroys bacteria and certain fungi on contact by disabling the enzymes necessary for their survival. This prevents the ‘nasties’ from multiplying and growing, providing a safe, natural and simple way to care for your pet.

How to use it

Eyes: Spray a small amount of YuCARE Eye Spray around the eye, then gently wipe with the cloth. If your pet is prone to a buildup of debris around their eyes, try cleaning every day.

Ears: Use 2-3 drops of YuCARE Ear Drops in the ear. Gently massage base of ear for 15-30 seconds, then use the cloth to remove wax or debris. If your pet’s prone to ear problems, try cleaning every day.

Please take care: Always visit your vet if you suspect your pet may have an ear or eye infection. Only clean the external ear area and top of the ear canal – don’t push the cloth inside the ear as you may cause pain or injury.

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YuCare Ear & Eye Cloth