Dechra Specific Canine CT-HM Healthy Treats Mini are a mini low-fat treat for healthy dogs of all ages. The small size of the treat makes it ideal for smaller breeds.

Low in fat and energy and high fibre you can give these mini treats every day without risking weight gain*. With added ingredients to support dental health.
* It is recommended to reduce daily food rations corresponding to the amount of treats given

A daily treat for healthy dogs of all breeds and ages

Why choose Healthy Treats Mini?

  • High fibre and low fat and energy to support an ideal body weight.
  • Contain ingredients to support dental health by reducing plaque and tartar through binding of calcium in saliva, which prevents calcification of plaque and by support of fresh breath with green tea extract, eucalyptus oil and parsley powder


Wheat, fish meal, maize protein, beet pulp, minerals (including 2%
hexametaphosphate), animal protein hydrolysate, cellulose powder,
egg powder, vitamins and trace elements, fish oil, green tea extract,
pomegranate extract, cranberry extract, parsley powder, eucalyptus
oil, methionine, threonine, rosemary extract. With natural antioxidants
(tocopherols and vitamin C). The treats contain no artificial colours or

300g pack.

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Dechra Specific Canine CT-HM Healthy Treats Mini 300g