The Adaptil Calm On-The-Go Collar for dogs releases the dog appeasing pheromone to help puppies and adult dogs to feel more comfortable in stressful situations.
Stressful situations can include kennel visits, visiting the vet, being left at home alone, travelling, training, and loud noises, including fireworks.

Each collar lasts for 4 weeks, and can be replaced after this time.

Collars are adjustable.

Puppy/Small Dog collar fits neck sizes up to 37.5cm
Medium/Large Dog collar fits neck sizes up to 62.5cm

The appeasing pheromone is released almost immediately. The collar will not work when it is wet, but diffuses again as soon as it’s dry.

If your dog wears another collar, it is important to ensure the Adaptil Collar stays in contact with the skin. Please note the Adaptil Collar cannot be used to attach a lead.

Do not use the collar on dogs with extensive skin lesions.

Do not open the protective pouch until the product is ready for use.

Adaptil Calm Collar