Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser is an excellent solution to help your dog stay calm and adapt at home, in situations like staying alone, loud noises, visitors and fears.

  • Brings you and your dog closer, by creating a reassuring environment at home.
  • Continuous use provides constant comfort for your dog.
  • Clinically proven. Veterinary used and recommended.

Adaptil can be used in any stressful situation, including moving home, a new baby in the house and fireworks.

Directions for use:

Each diffuser pack contains the plug and a 48ml refill. Adaptil is also available in a spray. Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves or behind doors, curtains or furniture.

  • Each diffuser refill covers an area up to 70 m2
  • Just plug and play: screw the vial onto the diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket.
  • Leave the diffuser switched on continuously.

Each 48ml Adaptil refill lasts about 4 weeks, and should be plugged in within the room most used by the dog. You can replace the vials every month by buying an Adaptil Calm Refill.

When using the diffuser continuously, 24/7, replace the diffuser after 6 months for optimal diffusion.

Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser Starter Pack