Adaptil Transport Spray is a temporary calming aid for dogs, and can be used on the go, including in the car, in kennels or crates, and can be sprayed onto your dogs bedding to ease stressful situations.

60ml bottle.

Effects should last approximately 4-5 hours, although each animal will respond differently. Re-spray after this time or if you notice a reduced effect.

How to use Adaptil Spray?

Shake the bottle Spray 8 to 10 pumps of Adaptil 15 minutes prior to expected effects.

Adaptil Spray can be applied directly on bedding, inside crates, indoor kennels , or in the car, but should not be applied with the dog in the area, particularly inside the carrier or crate. Allow enough time (15 minutes) for alcohol evaporation.

Adaptil Spray should not be directly sprayed on animals or near an animal’s face, and never spray in a pet carrier if your dog is inside.

Adaptil Transport Spray