Miscanthus bedding (Elephant Grass) grows very tall up to 15ft, and when processed is an extremely warm and fibrous bedding that is more absorbent than any other straw based product or shavings. It can be used the same way as any other bedding either deep litter or a shallow covering on rubber mats, all depending on the preferences of the owners. Because of its high absorbency it lasts longer than other beddings therefore making it a very economical bedding.

  • 100% Pure Miscanthus

  • Chopped and dust extracted

  • Bailed between 9% and 12% moisture

  • 100% Organic as no fertilizers or chemicals are used on the crop

  • Carbon Neutral

  • Natural sustainable crop

  • Ultra Absorbent (3 x more its own weight)

  • Lasts longer than any other straw based bedding or shavings labour saving

  • Economical and cost effective

  •  Easy disposal and rots quickly

  • Forms a good dense bed

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Cavianthus Miscanthus Straw Bedding 20kg