Dechra Specific Canine & Feline F/C-IN-L Intensive Support is a high energy and highly digestible liquid diet packed with nutrients to help your dog or cat regain their strength and health during recovery.


  • It has high levels of energy, fat and protein and highly digestible ingredients– allowing your dog or cat to gain the nutrients they need for recovery even with reduced appetite and digestive efficiency.
    It contains high levels of Omega-3 fish oils to support the natural anti-inflammatory process.

  • Will support wound healing with high levels of zinc and Beta 1,3/1,6 glucans.

  • Containing multiple nutrients to support the immune system – including Omega-3 fish oils; beta-glucans from yeast and increased levels of zinc; selenium and arginine.

  • Liquid diet specially designed for syringe and tube feeding.


Chicken, skimmed milk powder, fish oil, minerals, egg powder, animal fat (chicken), vitamins and trace elements (including chelated trace elements), taurine, fructo-oligosaccharides, yeast (source of βß-1,3/1,6-glucans), L-carnitine.
Contains no added artificial colours or flavourings.

395g tin.

SKU: 617465
Dechra Specific Canine & Feline F/C-IN-L Intensive Support Wet Tin