Dentisept oral paste contains chlorhexidine, which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Dentisept Adhesive Oral Paste can be used in dogs and cats that are recovering from plaque build up, tartar and gingivitis.

Dentisept Adhesive Oral Paste will work over 24 hours, binding to the enamel of your pet's teeth. The antiseptic properties will protecting hypersensitive gums from irritation. Dentipet can be applied daily or weekly depending on the condition of the mouth, and should be applied after feeding.

Dosage instructions provided by the Vet should be followed.

The enclosed applicator can be attached to the tube, and allows easier access to the rear of the gums. Alternatively, Dentisept can be applied onto the affected areas using a clean finger or tooth cloth.

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Dentisept Oral Paste