Douxo S3 Seb Foam Mousse is a topical dermatology product for dogs and cats that helps to soothe, hydrate and balance skin microflora and maintain skin barrier functions.

Douxo S3 has a new active ingredient called Ophytrium. Ophytrium is a natural ingredient extracted from the root of the Japanese mondo grass plant (Ophiopogon japonicus). It is scientifically proven to help maintain the mechanical skin barrier, the microbial skin flora, and reduce irritation.

150ml bottle.

Directions for use:

Apply mousse three times a week or twice weekly in conjunction with Douxo shampoo.

No water required.

    • The Pyo line helps restore the balance of skin flora
    • The Calm line soothes sensitive skin
    • The Seb line regulates excess fat and controls bad odors
    • The Care line permits frequent cleaning of the skin and ears
Douxo S3 Seb Foam Mousse