Douxo Seb Spot On helps to maintain dermal homeostasis in dogs and cats with oily skin whilst maintaining hydration and minimising unpleasant odour. Leaves the hair soft and shiny.

Its regular use will limit dandruff formation. Can be used on dry elbows, dry nose and waxy ear flaps.

25 pack.

Directions for use:

For weekly application or as necessary.

Part the hair and apply contents of pipette directly onto the skin.

The contents of one pipette can be applied to several areas. 

Can be applied into the ear after cleansing. Apply ½ pipette directly onto one ear, repeat for the opposite ear.

Contents of pipette can be used for three days once opened. 

    • The Pyo line helps restore the balance of skin flora
    • The Calm line soothes sensitive skin
    • The Seb line regulates excess fat and controls bad odors
    • The Care line permits frequent cleaning of the skin and ears
Douxo Seb Spot On 2ml Pipette (25 pack)