With Dreamies Meaty Sticks, there's even more to add to their excitement! Release their inner carnivore to go wild for these delicious, soft and savoury Dreamies cat treats.

90% Fish and fish derivatives & meat and animal derivatives in every Dreamies cat treat.

Feed whole or break into smaller chunks and watch your cat pounce on these salmon cat treats!

No artificial colours, grain-free cat treats recipe.

6 individually wrapped Dreamies cat treats Meaty Sticks.

Feeding instructions:

Feed 1 stick per day.
Not suitable for kittens.
Please reduce main meal accordingly.
The stick can be fed in one piece, or broken into smaller pieces.
Use each sachet within 1 day of opening.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Sold as individual 30g pack.

SKU: 71624
Dreamies Meaty Sticks With Salmon 30g