Droncit Spot On for Cats 0.5ml contains praziquantel and is used for the treatment of tapeworms of cats. The product is effective against mature and immature forms of Dipylidium caninum and Taenia species. The product is also effective against Echinococcus multilocularis.

Dosage and administration:

1 tube per 2.5 kg bodyweight. Re-apply Droncit Spot-On when signs of tapeworm infestation re-appear or at monthly intervals.

Use During Pregnancy and Lactation:

There are no contra-indications against use during pregnancy and lactation.

  • Do not use on cats weighing less than 1 kg body weight.
  • Do not allow recently treated animals to groom each other.
  • Care should be taken to avoid the contents of the tube coming into contact with the eyes or mouth of the recipient animal. For external use only.
  • Occasionally a transient local reaction such as scurf or mild exudation may be observed at the application site following treatment.
  • The product is bitter tasting and salivation may occasionally occur if the cat licks the application site immediately after treatment. This is not a sign of intoxication and disappears after a short time without treatment.
  • No incompatibility has been observed between this product at the recommended dose and a range of common veterinary treatments.
  • Overdosing can lead to slight skin reactions which disappear without treatment within a few days.
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Priced per pack of 4 pipettes.
Droncit Spot On for Cats 0.5ml Pack 4