Felimazole Tablets for Cats contain Methimazole and Thiamazole and are used for the stabilisation of hyperthyroidism in cats prior to surgical thyroidectomy, and for the long-term treatment of feline hyperthyroidism.

For oral administration only. Please follow dosage instructions provided by your vet.


  • Do not use in cats suffering from systemic disease such as primary liver disease or diabetes mellitus. 
  • Do not use in cats showing signs of autoimmune disease. 
  • Do not use in animals with disorders of white blood cells, such as neutropenia and lymphopenia. 
  • Do not use in animals with platelet disorders and coagulopathies (particularly thrombocytopenia). 
  • Do not use in cases of hypersensitivity to thiamazole or the excipient, polyethylene glycol. 
  • Do not use in pregnant or lactating females.

For more information, please use the following link: http://www.noahcompendium.co.uk/?id=-449704

Felimazole Tablets for Cats