Feliway Help! is ideal for temporary stressful situations, such as:

  • Weekends or short trips away from home
  • Friends/family over for a party
  • Redecoration or changes at home
  • Returning home after a stay at the vets

Helps to reduce the common signs of feline stress (scratching, urine spraying and hiding).

How to use:

  • Plug in ideally 1-2 days before the anticipated stressful event
  • Plug into a standard electric socket in your cat's favourite room
  • Leave the diffuser plugged in day and night for best calming results
  • The diffuser covers an area of up to 50m² (approx a 2 bed house)
  • Avoid plugging in the diffuser behind curtains or furniture, near open doors or windows, as it will not work properly

1 cartridge = 7 day supply.

Feliway Help!