The Liberta Discovery corner parrot cage with its gym top section provides a dedicated safe place for your parrot to play, exercise and stretch their wings outside of their cage; perfect where room is at a premium and a separate play gym stand may not be an option.

The Liberta Discovery cage includes:

  • Two wood perches
  • Swing-out feeder doors complete with metal bowls
  • Slide out tray
  • Rolling castors
  • Larger, stronger door locks
  • Thicker frames and bars which have been finished with an even stronger higher quality, non toxic paint finish.

Cage size:

Height: 180cm x Width: 88cm x Depth: 57cm (External)

Height: 118cm x Width: 84cm x Depth: 53cm (Internal)

Bar Spacing: 1.5cm

Wire Strength: 3mm

SKU: 5790
Liberta Discovery Parrot Cage