The Liberta Endeavor cage is suitable for Large Parrots, e.g. Macaws. It features a dividable design, seed catcher, castors, pull out cleaning trays, safety grills and two large swing opening doors. The cage includes one removable divider, two perches and four stainless steel feeding bowls.

Cage size:

Height: 180cm x Width: 178cm x Depth: 81cm (External)

Height: 180cm x Width: 198cm x Depth: 101cm (with seed catcher)

Height: 140 cm x  Width: 81cm x Depth: 79cm (Internal) 

Bar Spacing: 2cm

Wire Strength: 5mm

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

SKU: 5794
Liberta Endeavour Parrot Cage