The Liberta Explorer Double Rodent Cage is ideal for rodents, chinchillas and ferrets.

The cageis made from tough, and durable, wrought iron and coated with a silver grey powder coating. It has 2 levels which can be accessed by a ladder from the bottom section.

  • Wrought iron construction
  • Deep, all metal trays
  • 2 platforms
  • Complete with 2 hammocks and 3 ladders
  • Mounted on castors for ease of moving

Both sections feature double doors, to ensure that accessing the cage for cleaning is easy. The doors come with locks and safety catches. 

The Liberta Explorer Double Rodent Cage includes 2 hammocks and ladders to access each section.

Cage size:

Height: 159cm x Width: 93cm x Depth: 63cm

Bar Spacing: 1cm

SKU: 5804
Liberta Explorer Double Rodent Cage