Liberta Voyager Cage is a spacious cage for medium to large ParrotsThe top opening section on this Voyager Parrot Cage provides extra space for your parrot to play, exercise and stretch their wings.

As well as the three wood perches, three swing-out feeder doors complete with metal bowls, the handy slide out tray and rolling castors this 2nd Edition Liberta Parrot Cage comes with:

  • Large, strong door locks
  • Thick frames and bars which have been finished with an even stronger higher quality, non toxic paint finish.

Cage size:

Height: 162.5cm x Width: 72cm x Depth: 55cm (External)

Height: 162.5cm x Width: 92cm x Depth: 75cm (with seed catcher)

Height: 124cm x Width: 70cm x Depth: 53cm (Internal)

Bar Spacing: 2cm 

Wire Strength: 4mm

SKU: 5784
Liberta Voyager Parrot Cage