Pedigree Ranchos Christmas dog treats and chews, available with chicken. Ranchos strips have 95% meat and are dried to have that tantalising smell and taste that dogs adore.

Feed Pedigree dog treats whole or in smaller pieces as dog treats for training. Either way, with our Ranchos dog treat box you're treating your dog to the thing they like best.

Choose Ranchos dog treats to reward your dog, to use as dog training treats, and keep them keen. Part of the Pedigree dog treats for Christmas range.

A complementary pet food, Ranchos dog treats and chews have been developed into a varied range of tasty flavours by nutritionists and vets at The Waltham Centre.

At Pedigree, we believe that every day, dogs' wonderful innocence brings out the good in us. The Pedigree range of tasty dog food and Christmas dog treats supports dogs' exuberant love of life. Day after day, owners can feed the good in their dogs. Explore Pedigree delicious dog treats and chews, main meals and complete dry food for all dogs.

Celebrate Christmas with your dog with this special edition tree-shaped Meaty Dog Treat Box! Rich in meat, this dog treats Christmas box is packed with delicious and tender dog treats and chews, made to spark your dog's happiness. Spoil your furry friend with the ultimate dog treats for Christmas.

52g bag.

SKU: 817451
Pedigree Ranchos Christmas Dog Treats