Prinovox Spot On for Dogs contains Imidacloprid and Moxidectin and is used for dogs suffering from, or at risk from, mixed parasitic infections:

  • The treatment and prevention of flea infestation (Ctenocephalides felis).
  • The treatment of biting lice (Trichodectes canis)
  • The treatment of ear mite infestation (Otodectes cynotis), sarcoptic mange (caused by Sarcoptes scabiei var. canis), demodicosis (caused by Demodex canis)
  • The prevention of heartworm disease (L3 and L4 larvae of Dirofilaria immitis),
  • The treatment of circulating microfilariae (Dirofilaria immitis)
  • The prevention of cutaneous dirofilariosis (L3 larvae of Dirofilaria repens),
  • The reduction of circulating microfilariae (Dirofilaria repens)
  • The prevention of angiostrongylosis (L4 larvae and immature adults of Angiostrongylus vasorum)
  • The treatment of Angiostrongylus vasorum and Crenosoma vulpis
  • The prevention of spirocercosis (Spirocerca lupi)
  • The treatment of Eucoleus (syn. Capillaria) boehmi (adults)
  • The treatment of the eye worm Thelazia callipaeda (adults)
  • The treatment of infections with gastrointestinal nematodes (L4 larvae, immature adults and adults of Toxocara canis, Ancylostoma caninum and Uncinaria stenocephala, adults of Toxascaris leonina and Trichuris vulpis).
  • The product can be used as part of a treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).


  • Do not use in puppies under 7 weeks of age.
  • Do not use in animals that are known to be hypersensitive to the active substances or to any of the excipients.
  • Do not use in dogs classified as Class 4 for heartworm disease as the safety of the product has not been evaluated in this animal group.
  • For cats, the corresponding “Prinovox for cat” product, which contains 100 mg/ml imidacloprid and 10 mg/ml moxidectin, must be used.
  • For ferrets: Do not use Prinovox for dogs. Only “Prinovox for small cats and ferrets” (0.4 ml) must be used.
  • The safety of the veterinary medicinal product has not been established during pregnancy and lactation.
  • During treatment with this veterinary medicinal product no other antiparasitic macrocyclic lactone should be administered.

Prinovox should be applied according to the dosage instructions provided by your vet. For routine prevention, Prinovox should be applied to the skin at the back of the neck at 4 weekly intervals. 

For more information, contra-indications, warnings and dosage instructions, please visithttp://www.noahcompendium.co.uk/?id=-460624

Prinovox 400 X-Large Dog >25kg