Protexin Acid Ease for Horses is a unique, concentrated, palatable combination of calcium and magnesium carbonate, fibre, kaolin, amino acids and Protexin probiotics and prebiotics. Presented as a palatable dandelion flavoured powder, Acid Ease is suitable to calm excess acid in all horses and weaned foals.

Protexin Acid Ease contains antacids, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, as well as kaolin, pectin and L-threonine which together act to buffer excess acid and help protect and soothe the gut lining of horses.

The proportion of the high quality fibres – pectin and psyllium have also been increased to create this superior product.

Feed 50g twice a day for the first month and then reduce by half as a maintenance.


Composition: Alfalfa meal, Calcium carbonate [18%], Magnesium carbonate [9%], Psyllium husk, Lignocellulose, Pectin [5%], Dicalcium phosphate, Preplex® prebioitc - (Fructo-oligosaccharide) [2%], Soya oil.

Analytical Constituents: Crude protexin 18% Crude fibre 11% Crude oil & fat 2% Crude ash 35% Sodium 0.1%

1.5kg or 3kg sizes available.

Protexin Acid Ease for Horses