Rearguard for Rabbits 25ml contains Cyromazine and is used for the prevention of blowfly strike (Lucilia sericata) in domestic rabbits for up to 10 weeks after dosing.


  • Not to be used on rabbits less than 10 weeks of age. 
  • Do not apply to broken skin. 
  • Not to be used in pregnant or breeding females.
  • Care should be taken in the treatment of old, sick or debilitated rabbits.
Adverse reactions (frequency and seriousness):
  • Treated rabbits may show a transient reduction in appetite in the 24-48 hours following treatment.
Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the veterinary medicinal product to animals:
  • Wash hands and exposed skin after use.
  • Wash splashes from skin and eyes immediately.
  • Do not smoke whilst using the product.
Amounts to be administered and administration route
  • Rearguard comes supplied ready-to-use in a bottle with built-in applicator sponge. Gently depress the sponge to break the valve before applying.
  • Apply the product using the sponge applicator, ensuring that the rabbit’s fur is thoroughly wetted with the solution from the middle of the back to the tip of the tail. Special attention should be paid to the areas under the tail and between the back legs. Do not allow the product to run off the animal.
  • Rabbits should be first treated in early summer before any flies are seen. Rearguard will not kill adult maggots but works by preventing any eggs laid by flies developing.
  • Rabbits should be treated at 8-10 week intervals under conditions of repeated blowfly challenge. Bathing or washing the rabbit after application may result in a reduction of efficacy.
  • In cases of existing flystrike, adult maggots should be removed by mechanical means and appropriate supportive treatment given. Rearguard should then be applied to the fur to prevent development of new larvae and re-strike.

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Rearguard for Rabbits 25ml