Ronaxan Tablets for Cats & Dogs 20mg contain Doxycycline and are used for the treatment of respiratory tract infections in cats and dogs, including rhinitis, tonsillitis, bronchopneumonia and feline respiratory disease, due to organisms sensitive to doxycycline. Ronaxan Tablets are also used for the treatment of arthropod-borne Ehrlichia canis infection in cats and dogs.

  • Do not use in pregnant animals.
  • Do not use in known cases of hypersensitivity to the active ingredient.
  • Vomiting, oesophagitis and oesophageal ulcerations have been reported as side effects following doxycycline therapy, and Ronaxan should not therefore be administered to patients with dysphagia or diseases accompanied by vomiting.

For more information, please use the following link: https://www.noahcompendium.co.uk/?id=-454006

Priced per tablet.

Ronaxan Tablets for Cats & Dogs 20mg