Royal Canin Pill Assist Feline are mouldable pill pockets recommended for adult cats to ease pill administration.

The benefits of Royal Canin Pill Assist Feline are:

Easy to mould and shape for most pills.

Only 3 calories per piece.

Pill Assist was shown to ensure a daily pill acceptance in 91% of cases. (ROYAL CANIN® Internal Study 2019).


Vitamin C: 280 mg, Vitamin E: 750 IU - Technological additives: gum Arabic - Preservatives - Antioxidant. Glycerine, dehydrated chicken protein, wheat flour, hydrolysed poultry liver, wheat gluten, palm oil, hydrolysed yeasts (including fructooligo-saccharides), glucose syrup, hydrolysed fish extract.

Approximately 45 treats per pack.

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Royal Canin Pill Assist Feline