Seresto flea and tick collar for dogs contains imidacloprid and flumethrin. Seresto is effective against flea infestations and flea larvae for 8 months. Seresto is also effective against tick infestations and larvae, nymphs and adult ticks for 8 months. Seresto can also be used for the treatment of biting/chewing lice.

Apply one collar per pet. For external use only.

Small dogs up to, and including, 8 kg body weight receive one Seresto collar for dogs ≤ 8kg of 38 cm length.

Dogs above 8 kg receive one Seresto collar for dogs > 8 kg of 70 cm length.

Do not treat puppies less than 7 weeks of age.

Ticks will be killed and fall off the host within 24 to 48 hours after infestation without having had a blood meal, as a rule. An attachment of single ticks after treatment cannot be excluded. For this reason, a transmission of infectious diseases by ticks cannot be completely excluded if conditions are unfavourable.
Ideally, the collar should be applied before the beginning of the flea or tick season.

The safety of Seresto has not been established in target animals during pregnancy and lactation and in the absence of available data, the product is therefore not recommended in pregnant and lactating bitches or queens.

For more information on contraindications, warnings and active ingredients, click the following link: https://www.noahcompendium.co.uk/?id=-472678

Seresto Small Dog Collar (<8kg)