Stronghold Plus for Cats contains Sarolaner and Selamectin and is for cats with, or at risk from, mixed parasitic infestations by ticks and fleas, lice, mites, gastrointestinal nematodes or heartworm. Stronghold Plus is exclusively indicated when use against ticks and one or more of the other target parasites is indicated at the same time.


Do not use in cats that are suffering from concomitant disease, or are debilitated and underweight (for size and age).

Use of Stronghold Plus is indicated in cats aged at least 8 weeks old and weighing at least 1.25 kg bodyweight.

Stronghold Plus is to be applied to the skin surface only. Do not administer orally or parenterally.

Do not apply when the animal’s hair coat is wet.

For ear mite treatment, do not apply directly to the ear canal.

Do not use in cases of hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients.

Stronghold Plus Small Cat/Kitten (15mg/2.5mg) is for cats weighing <2.5kg
Stronghold Plus Medium Cat (30mg/5mg) is for cats weighing <2.5kg-5kg
Stronghold Plus Large Cat (60mg/10mg) is for cats weighing >5kg-10kg
For cats weighing >10kg, use the appropriate combination of pipettes.

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Stronghold Plus Small Cat/Kitten <2.5kg