Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix is nutritionally balanced and suitable for adult rabbits of all shapes and sizes. Delicious ingredients such as Timothy Hay, maize, oats, wheat and peas, as well as added vitamins provide a tasty everyday diet that helps promote your pet’s natural wellbeing and vitality.

Mixes are diets that contain a variety of components and can provide:

  • A variety of food types, providing fun, interest and enjoyment
  • The opportunity to forage, promoting natural behaviours
  • A range of textures, sizes and shapes for a variety of chewing experiences

You should feed you rabbit 25 grams of Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix per kilo of body weight per day. The average size rabbit (weighing 2.5kg), will need 60-70 grams of Tasty Mix per day. A handful of fresh leafy green vegetables should also be provided along with free access to lots and lots of good quality hay (such aRussel Rabbit Tasty Hay or Science Selective Timothy Hay) and clean drinking water every day.

Selective feeding can be an issue with some mix-style diets. Typically, the pellet portion is left in favour of tastier ingredients, and this can lead to nutrient imbalances.

All Supreme’s Tiny Friends Farm mixes contain tasty, extruded nuggets instead of less palatable pellets, to help ensure pets do not pick and choose. We’ve devoted our efforts to help make sure all parts of the mix are as delicious as each other.

However, if your rabbits do pick and choose and don’t finish everything in their bowl, you should gradually transition the food portion of their diet to Russel Rabbit Tasty Nuggets or Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food. This will prevent your rabbit from selectively feeding and will help ensure that your rabbit does not experience any nutritional imbalances.

  • Nutritionally balanced, tasty mix
  • Suitable for all breeds including dwarf rabbits
  • No added sugar
  • Contains natural prebiotics for digestive health
  • With tasty Timothy hay – a fabulous source of fi bre
  • Linseed with Omega 3 for healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Encourages natural foraging
  • Delicious ingredients including linseed and lucerne
  • With all the vitamins and minerals pets need to keep them happy and healthy
  • Correctly balanced calcium : phosphorus ratio – calcium 0.6%, phosphorus 0.4%


Extruded wheat, Flaked peas, Flaked maize, Timothy hay, Alfalfa meal, Whole Oats, Flaked wheat, Soya bean hulls, Wheat feed, Soya oil, Extruded locust beans. May contain genetically modified soya and traces of nuts.

Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix