Yumove Joint Care Daily Bites for Senior Dogs works to soothe stiffness, supports joint health and helps mobility in older dogs.


  • Soothes stiff joints: Our unique ActivEase® GLM, with extra omega 3 from fish oil helps soothe stiff joints.
  • Supports joint structure: Glucosamine provides basic building components of cartilage helping to support and maintain joint structure.
  • Aids mobility: Hyaluronic Acid helps to lubricate and cushion the joint while antioxidants (Vitamins C & E) neutralize free radicals, helping to maintain joint mobility.


  • Green Lipped Mussel: Contains ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel, sustainably sourced from the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand, our version is especially powerful – it contains up to 8x the amount of Omega-3 and is up to 30x more powerful than other standard GLM powder.*
  • Fish oil: Delivers additional omega-3 fatty acids to soothe stiff joints
  • Glucosamine: Our plant-based Glucosamine provides the major building blocks of cartilage – the tough connective tissue that protects the joint.
  • Manganese: Manganese supports collagen formation in the cartilage, tendons and ligaments.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: A major component of synovial fluid and part of our unique formula, which helps to lubricate and cushion the joint and has been shown to reach joints within 2 hours.*
  • Vitamins C and E: Neutralise free radicals helping to maintain joint mobility.

Feeding guide:

Suitable for dogs of any age, breed or size, as soon as they have started solid food. The tasty bite can be added to your dog’s food or taken directly from your hand. You can choose to give the recommended amount in one go or spread them throughout the day.

New to YuMOVE Joint Care?
We recommend that you double the daily amount for the first 4 - 6 weeks, to make sure your dog begins to see the tail-wagging benefits as soon as possible.

Each pack contains 60 chews.
SKU: 810898
Yumove Joint Care Daily Bites for Senior Dog 60 Pack