There are many ways our pets can respond to new and unpredictable situations and not all animals respond in the same way. Zylkène is palatable and easy to give; simply mix with food or give as a treat. Give just once a day. Zylkène is preservative and lactose free.


Dosage instructions:


Cats and Small Dogs up to 5kg = 1 x 75mg chew or capsule daily


Cats and Small Dogs 5-10kg = 2 x 75mg chews or capsules daily



Medium Dogs 10-15kg = 1 x 225mg chew or capsule daily


Medium Dogs 15-30kg = 2 x 225mg chews or capsules daily



Large Dogs 15-30kg = 1 x 450mg chew or capsule daily


Large Dogs 30-60kg = 2 x 450mg chews or capsules daily

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Zylkene Capsules