Zylkene Equine is a natural nutritional supplement for horses. It has calming, soothing properties without any sedative side effects!

  • A natural product derived from milk protein with soothing properties
  • Can be used short term in horses in a stressful situation or on a regular basis to manage behaviour problems

This is a dietetic complementary feed.

Each pack contains 20 sachets.


Composition: each 4g sachet contains Maltodextrin & Casein.


To be administered to the horse once daily; available in convenient, single-dose pouches.
For oral use.
Mix the contents of the Zylkene Equine pouch(es) with a small amount of food, once a day:
  • Body weight of horse up to 500 kg: 1 to 2 Zylkene Equine pouches per day
  • Body weight of horse 500 kg and over: 2 to 4 Zylkene Equine pouches per day
Zylkene Equine Sachets